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Job Market Candidates

Job Market Candidates 2016-2017 


Dr Juan Block

Research fields: Game Theory, and Microeconomics

Job market paper: Learning Dynamics Based on Social Comparisons

References: Prof. Drew Fudenberg (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Prof. Christopher Harris (University of           Cambridge), Prof. David Levine (European University Institute), Prof. Hamid Sabourian (University of Cambridge)

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Dr Abhimanyu Khan


Research fields: Evolutionary Game Theory, Networks


Job Market Paper: Imitation and Price Competition in a Differentiated Market and the Impact of Observability


References: Jean-Jacques Herings (Maastricht University), Ronald Peeters (Maastricht University), Hamid Sabourian (Cambridge University)

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Dr Peter Malec 


Research fields: Financial econometrics, nonparametric econometric methods, high-frequency econometrics, market microstructure

Job market paper: A Semiparametric Intraday GARCH Model 

References: Oliver Linton, Nikolaus Hautsch (University of Vienna), Melanie Schienle (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

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Dr Christopher Rauh 


Research fields: Labor, Macroeconomics, and Political Economy 

Job market paper: Human Capital Production and Parental Beliefs


References: Dr. Vasco Carvalho (University of Cambridge), Prof. Steven Durlauf (University of Wisconsin), Prof. Nezih Guner (CEMFI), Dr. Sriya Iyer (University of Cambridge) 

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