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Published Papers


Networks, Markets and Inequality, Sanjeev Goyal, American Economic Review, Vol 107, No 1, pp 1-30.

How do you defend a network?, by Marcin Dziubinski and Sanjeev Goyal,
Theoretical Economics, Vol 12, No 1 pp 331-376.


Information Acquisition and Exchange in Social Networks, Sanjeev Goyal, Stephanie Rosenkranz, Utz Weitzel, and Vincent Buskens, forthcoming in Economic Journal

Favoritism, Yann Bramoullé and Sanjeev Goyal, Journal of Development Economics, Vol 122, pp 16-27.

The cross-quantilogram: Measuring quantile dependence and testing directional predictability between time series, Heejoon Han, Oliver Linton, Tatsushi Oka and Yoon-Jae Whang, Journal of Econometrics, Vol 193, Issue 1, pp 251-270.

Networks and Misallocation: Insurance, Migration, and the Rural-Urban Wage Gap, Kaivan Munshi and Mark Rosenzweig, American Economic Review, Vol 106, no 1, pp 46-98.

Network Cognition, Roberta Dessi, Edoardo Gallo and Sanjeev Goyal, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol 123, pp 78-96.

The New Economics of Religion, Sriya Iyer, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 54, No. 2, pp. 395-441.

Trading in networks: Theory and Experiments, Syngjoo Choi, Andrea Galeotti and Sanjeev Goyal, Journal of the European Economic Association

The "Mystery of the Printing Press" Monetary Policy and Self-fulfilling Debt Crises, Giancarlo Corsetti and Luca Dedola, forthcoming in the Journal of European Economic Association

Fiscal Policy in an Unemployment Crisis, by Pontus Rendahl, forthcoming in Review of Economic Studies.


Interaction, Protection and Epidemics, Sanjeev Goyal and Adrien Vigier, Journal of Public Economics, Vol 125, pp 64–69.

The Effect of Fragmentation in Trading on Market Quality in the UK Equity
, Lena Boneva, Oliver Linton and Michael VogtJournal of Applied Econometrics, Vol 31, Issue 1, pp 192–213.


Attack, Defence and Contagion in NetworksSanjeev Goyal and Adrien Vigier,    Review of Economic Studies, Vol 81, pp 1518-1542.

From Micro to Macro via Production Networks, Vasco Carvalho, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol 28(4): pp 23-48

Community Networks and the Process of DevelopmentKaivan Munshi, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol 28(4), pp 49-76.

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