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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


The Centenary Conference on Keynes’s Economic Consequences of the Peace

Cambridge-INET is proud to announce a major conference on Keynes’s 1919 book. The book is celebrated as a brilliant piece of advocacy by one of the 20th century’s pre-eminent economists. This distinguished event will take place at King’s College, Cambridge, on September 9th-10th 2019. See the event website for more details.

Organised by: Giancarlo Corsetti

Event Date: Monday 9th September 2019 - Tuesday 10th September 2019

Organizing Committee:
Gareth Austin (Cambridge)
Giancarlo Corsetti (Cambridge)
David Howarth (Cambridge)
Eugenio Gaiotti (Banca d'Italia)
Jesper Linde (Sveriges Riksbank)

Scientific Committee:
Patricia Clavin (Oxford)
Giancarlo Corsetti (Cambridge)
Maurice Obstfeld (Berkeley)
Adam Tooze (Columbia)

See the ECP conference programme for a full list of speakers

Event Website




Economic History


Theme: transmission