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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


Text, Herding and Sentiment

Cambridge-INET and CERF are hosting a 3 day workshop that will take place on the 11th - 13th September, 2017, in the Winstanley theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge.

Organised by: Prof. Wolfgang Haerdle (Humboldt Uni, Berlin), Prof. Oliver Linton (Uni of Cambridge) and Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen (Humboldt Uni, Berlin)

Venue: Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge

Event Date: Tuesday 12th September 2017 - Wednesday 13th September 2017

Time: 09:30am - 04:00pm

Larisa Adamyan (HUB)
Josef Barunik (Charles University Prague)
Dario Caldara (FRB)
Paola Cerchiello (University of Pavia)
Cathy YH Chen (HUB)
Ying Chen (NUS)
Wolfgang Karl Härdle (HUB)
Bing Liu (UIC)
Thomas Renault (Universite Paris I - Pantheon-Sorbonne)
Daniela Scida (FRB)
David Stillwell (JBS
University of Cambridge)
Anastasija Tetereva (University of St Gallen)
Ya Qian (HUB)
Weining Wang (HUB)

See programme for full details

Theme: empirical