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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


Cambridge is pleased to host some of the leading scholars in microeconomic theory.

Dilip Abreu (Princeton)
Martin Cripps (UCL)
Johannes Hörner (Yale)
Philippe Jehiel (UCL)
Ludovic Renou (Essex)
Arthur Robson (Simon Fraser University)
Ariel Rubinstein (NYU and Tel Aviv)
Hamid Sabourian (CU)
Yuliy Sannikov (Princeton)
Ilya Segal (Stanford)
Joel Sobel (UCSD)
Peyton Young (Oxford)

Registration now closed.

Final Programme:

Conference Venue:

King's College, Cambridge

Maps and Directions:

Train Station to King's College Map

Bus Station drop off point to King's College Map