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Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change

Dr. Kamiar Mohaddes's joint paper on the long-term macroeconomic effects of climate change has been quoted in a letter to the Chair of the US Federal Reserve.

The letter, from 25 members of Congress extensively referenced the findings of the paper, which will be published in the December 2021 volume of Energy Economics journal. Read the full paper and letter below.

Related paper and Keynes Fund Project:

Long-Term Macroeconomic Effects of Climate Change: A Cross-Country Analysis, Kahn, M. E., Mohaddes, K., Ng, R. N. C., Pesaran, M. H., Raissi, M. and Yang, J-C., Energy Economics, Vol 104 (2021).

Climate Change, Volatility, and Economic Growth: Evidence from U.S. States, Mohaddes, K., Pesaran, M. H. and Raissi, M.

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Published on: Monday 22nd November 2021


Climate Change

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