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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti to give three Public Lectures on "International Economics"

Professor Giancarlo Corsetti will deliver three public lectures in "International Economics" at the University of Nottingham on Wednesday 25th March - Thursday 26th March 2015.

Giancarlo Corsetti, University of Cambridge

Three lectures on "International Dimensions of Monetary Policy"

  • Wednesday 25th March - A39, SCGB - 1pm
    "Open-economy Challenges to Monetary Policy"
  • Thursday 26th March - A39, SCGB - 10am
    "Macroeconomic Stabilization of Capital Flows"
  • Thursday 26th March - A39, SCGB - 11am
    "Stabilization and Comparative Advantage"


Published on: Sunday 1st March 2015


International Economics

Monetary Policy