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Our PhD Students

About the Institute's PhD Studentships and their work.



Jin Deng Keith Chan

Theme 3 - Information, uncertainty and incentives

My research interest lies in mechanism design and redistribution. I am interested in analyzing the incentive issues that arise in different redistribution mechanisms using the game-theoretic approach.





Rafe (Edward) Martyn

Theme 2 - Transmission, mechanisms and economic policy

My research is focused on furthering our theoretical understanding of the macroeconomics of financial crisis. I have worked on understanding why a period of low interest rates ensues and what policies can best assist an economy in this state. My recent work has investigated the effectiveness of policies to mitigate the persistent and high unemployment that came about as a result of the Global Financial Crisis.


David Minarsch

Theme 1 - Networks, crowds and markets

My research focuses on investigating traditional microeconomic topics in the context of social and economic networks. My models make the relationship structure between economic agents explicit and analyse its impact on economic outcomes.

Currently, I am concentrating on the issues of decentralised trade in networks when agents only hold local information on the network structure.



Ekaterina Smetanina

Theme 4 - Empirical Analysis of Financial Markets

My research interests are time series, forecasting and financial econometrics. I am also interested in applying nonparametric methods to different econometric problems.

Ekaterina will be starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.