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Job Market Candidates

Job Market Candidates and Placements 2017-2018

C-INET Postdocs


Dr Mikhail Safronov Home Page | CV Dr Mikhail Safronov
Research fields: Microeconomic Theory, including search, game theory and mechanism design
Job Market Paper: Coalition-Proof Full Efficient Implementation
References: Prof. Wojciech Olszewski (Northwestern University), Prof. Hamid Sabourian (University of Cambridge), Prof. Bruno Strulovici (Northwestern University)
Placement: Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham
Dr Chen Wang Home Page | CV Dr Chen Wang
Research fields: Econometrics, Random Matrix Theory, Large Dimensional Statistical Inference
Job Market Paper: Alternative asymptotics for cointegration tests in large VARs (with Alexei Onatski)
References: Professor Alexey Onatskiy (University of Cambridge), Professor Zhidong Bai (Northeast Normal University), Professor Oliver Linton (University of Cambridge)

PhD Students


Ekaterina Smetanina Home Page | CV Ekaterina Smetanina
Research fields: Econometrics, Financial Economics, Empirical Finance
Job Market Paper: Forecast Evaluation Tests – A New Approach,
References: Professor Oliver Linton (University of Cambridge), Professor Alexey Onatskiy (University of Cambridge) and Professor Tim Bollerslev (Duke University)