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Job Market Candidates 2020 - 2021

Cambridge-INET Postdoctoral Research Fellows, Dr Benson Tsz Kin Leung, Dr Merrick Li and PhD Student, Keith Jin Deng Chan are this year's Job Market Candidates. See their details on our dedicated Job Market page.

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COVID-19 Economic Research Website

Led by Cambridge-INET, this site looks at the economic implications of COVID-19, through Special Features, Research Papers, Videos, Podcasts, Media mentions and Blogs. 

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Dominant Currency Dynamics: Evidence on Dollar-invoicing from UK Exporters - Working Paper

In their new Cambridge-INET working paper, Meredith Crowley, Lu Han and Minkyu Son (Faculty of Economics PhD Student) look at how the choices of individual firms contribute to the dominance of a currency in global trade.

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Latest Videos


COVID-19 Research Videos

The Cambridge-INET led, COVID-19 Economic Research website has an extensive collection of videos by Cambridge Academics discussing their research into the pandemic and it's economics effects.

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Can Alternative Data Improve the Accuracy of Dynamic Factor Model Nowcasts? - Working Paper

In his new Cambridge-INET working paper, PhD student, Radu Cristea looks at the standard dynamic factor model for euro area real GDP growth nowcasting and tests how adding several extensions improves forecasting precision.

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Social Networks, Confirmation Bias and Shock Elections - Working Paper

In a new C-INET Working Paper, Dr Gallo and Alastair  Langtry highlight how social media exacerbates the tendency of voters to disregard information contrary to their beliefs, which risks shock election outcomes.

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Bottom-Up Markup Fluctations - Working Paper

In their new C-INET Working Paper, Prof. Vasco Carvalho, Prof. A. Burstein and Dr B. Grassi study markup cyclicality in a granular macroeconomic model with oligopolistic competition.

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INET Economics Articles

Local David Versus Global Goliath
Published on - Friday 15th January 2021

Paper: Structural Transformation, Economic Development and Industrialization in Post-Covid-19 Africa
Published on - Thursday 14th January 2021

4 Charts Explain Why You Should Worry About the New U.K. Covid Strain
Published on - Wednesday 13th January 2021

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