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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


Latest Published Papers

Introducing a Global Dataset on Conflict Forecasts and News Topics
Mueller, H., Rauh, C. and Seimon, B., (2024), Data & Policy

The Hidden Toll of the Pandemic: Excess Mortality in non-COVID-19 Hospital Patients
Fetzer, T., Rauh, C. and Schreiner, C., (2024), Journal of Health Economics, accepted

The Information Content of Conflict, Social Unrest and Policy Uncertainty Measures for Macroeconomic Forecasting
Diakonova, M., Molina, L., Mueller, H., PĂ©rez, J. J. and Rauh, C., (2024), Latin American Journal of Central Banking

Do Consumption-Based Asset Pricing Models Explain the Dynamics of Stock Market Returns?
Ashby, M. and Linton, O. B. , (2024), Journal of Risk and Financial Management


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Latest Working Papers

Venture Capital Booms and Startup Financing
Janeway, W. H., Nanda, R. and Rhodes-Kropf, M. , (WP2120)


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