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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


Janeway Institute Working Papers

Market Segmentation Through Information
Elliott, M., Galeotti., A., Koh., A, and Li, W. (JIWP2114)

How production networks amplify economic growth
McNerney, J., Savoie, C., Caravelli, F., Carvalho, V. M., Farmer, J. D. (JIWP2113)

Non-Standard Errors
Menkveld, A., Dreber, A., Holzmeister, F., Huber, J., Johannesson, M., Kirchler, M., Neusüss, S., Razen, M., Weitzel, U., Linton, O. (JIWP2112)

Financial Factors, Firm size and Firm Potential
Ferreira, M., Haber, T. and Rörig, C. (JIWP2110)

Clubs and Networks
Ding, S., Dziubinski, M., Goyal, S. (JIWP2109)

Lessons of Keynes’s Economic Consequences in a Turbulent Century
Clavin, P., Corsetti, G., Obstfeld, M. and Tooze, A. (JIWP2108)

Climate Change and Fiscal Sustainability: Risks and Opportunities
Agarwala, M., Burke, M., Klusak, P., Mohaddes, K., Volz, U. and Zenghelis, D. (JIWP2107)

The Value of Sick Pay
Adams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C. (JIWP2106)

Relational Contracts and Trust in a High-Tech Industry
Calzolari, G., Felli, L., Koenen, J., Spagnolo, G. and Stahl, K. O. (JIWP2101)


Cambridge-INET Working Papers

Venture Capital Booms and Startup Financing
Janeway, W. H., Nanda, R. and Rhodes-Kropf, M. , (WP2120)

Consistent Testing for an Implication of Supermodular Dominance
Chung, D., Linton, O. and Whang Y-J. , (WP2115)

News Entropy
Kuhlen, N. and Preston, A. , (WP2114)

Rising Temperatures, Falling Ratings: The Effect of Climate Change on Sovereign Creditworthiness
Klusak, P., Agarwala, M., Burke, M., Kraemer, M. and Mohaddes, K. , (WP2113)

Approachability with Discounting
Carmona, G. and Sabourian, H. , (WP2112)

Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Aggregate and Distributional Effects
Cavalcanti, T., Hasna, Z. and Santos, C. , (WP2111)

Economic and Epidemiological Effects of Mandated and Spontaneous Social Distancing
Bodenstein, M., Corsetti, G. and Guerrieri, L., (WP2110)

Covid-19 Fiscal Support and its Effectiveness
Chudik, A., Mohaddes, K. and Raissi, M., (WP2109)

Robust Estimation of Integrated and Spot Volatility
Li, M. Z. and Linton, O. , (WP2108)

Parenting Types
Rauh, C. and Renée, L., (WP2106)

The Exchange Rate Insulation Puzzle
Corsetti, G., Kuester, K., Müller, G. J. and Schmidt, S., (WP2105)

Probabilistic Choice Models
Gair, J. R., Iyer, S. and Velu, C., (WP2104)