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The Cambridge-INET Institute

Faculty of Economics

Studying at Cambridge


Our Postdoc Fellows

About the Institute's Postdoctoral Research Fellows and their work.

Leonie Baumann (room 93)

"My research interests are microeconomic theory, social and economic networks, and game theory." (Read more)

Leonie Baumann has joined us from University of Hamburg in September 2016.


Office: Room 55


College Affiliation: Christ's College, Cambridge


Aubrey Clark (room 90)


Primary research fields: Contract Theory, Game Theory
Secondary research fields: Decision Theory, Market Design

Aubrey joins us from Harvard University



Web page:


Marco Valerio Geraci (room 90)


"My research interests lie in the field of financial econometrics. In particular, I am interested in systemic risk, financial stability regulation, and asset pricing." (Read More)

Marco joins us from Université libre de Bruxelles



Web page:

College affiliation: Fitzwilliam College


Alexey Gorn (room 66)


"My research interests are Macroeconomics, Macro-labor, and International trade. In particular, my research focuses on heterogeneity and inequality."

Alexey joins us from Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi



Web page:


Mikhail Safronov (room 59)


Mikhail joins us from Northwestern University, US

Research: Microeconomic Theory

Web page:

College Affiliation: King's College, Cambridge




Chen Wang (room 88)


Chen joins us from National University of Singapore.

Research: Random Matrix Theory, Large Dimensional Statistical Inference