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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


The UK and the EU Event

The Cambridge-INET will be hosting a The UK and the EU event on Thursday 26th May 2016, from 1.00pm - 2.30pm, in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College

Organised by: Cambridge-INET

Venue: Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College, Cambridge

Event Date: Thursday 26th May 2016


Dr Chris Bickerton (POLIS),

Prof. Giancarlo Corsetti (Cambridge-INET, Faculty of Economics),

Dr Swati Dhinghra (LSE),

Lord John Eatwell (President of Queens' College),

Prof. Eilis Ferran (Faculty of Law),

Dr Duncan Needham (Faculty of History)

Prof. David Runciman (POLIS)

To view the poster please click image.