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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


Labour Market Dynamics and the Macroeconomy Mini Conference

Mike Elsby (University of Edinburgh), Kurt Mitman (IIES) and Fabian Postel-Vinay (UCL) will all be giving talks at the Macroeconomics Mini Conference to be held at Old Kitchens, Queens' College, Cambridge, on 5th October, 12.55pm - 4.30pm.

Organised by: Pontus Rendahl and Charles Brendon

Venue: Old Kitchens, Queens' College, Cambridge

Event Date: Wednesday 5th October 2016

Time: 12:55pm - 04:30pm

Mike Elsby (University of Edinburgh)
Kurt Mitman (IIES)
Fabian Postel-Vinay (UCL)

See programme for full details



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