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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


Mini Conference: Political economics

Rubin Enikolopov, Claudio Ferraz and Stephane Wolton will all be speaking at a mini conference on Political Economics. This will be held on 4th May, between 1.30pm and 5.00pm, in Keynes Room, Faculty of Economics.

Organised by: Toke Aidt

Venue: Keynes Room, Faculty of Economics

Event Date: Thursday 4th May 2017

Time: 01:00pm - 05:30pm

See programme for full details

Speakers and talks:

Rubin Enikolopov (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
"Social Media and Protest Participation: Evidence from Russia"

Claudio Ferraz (PUC Rio)
"Money and Politics: Estimating the Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Entry and Selection" with Eric Avis, Frederico Finan, and Carlos Varj√£o

Stephane Wolton (LSE)
"LSE Mass Purges: Top-down Accountability in Autocracy"


Political Economics

Theme: transmission