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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


National accounts in a world of naturally occurring data

Prof. Vasco Carvalho has been featured in the magazine for the Stone Centre which advances research and teaching to provide a clear understanding of the causes of wealth inequality, and its economic and political consequences.

Vasco Carvalho is Professor of Macroeconomics at the Faculty of Economics, and Director of the Janeway Institute. His co-authored research on national accounts, 'National Accounts in a World of Naturally Occurring Data: A Proof of Concept for Consumption' is a Janeway Institute Working Paper.

The research aims to develop algorithms that recover existing national accounts aggregates from naturally occurring transaction data and produce novel measures, such as distributional national accounts for the different components of output.

Transaction Data Image

Published on: Tuesday 17th January 2023





National Accounts