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The Cambridge-INET Institute


52nd Money Macro and Finance Annual Conference

The Money Macro and Finance Society will hold their 52nd Annual Conference of the Money, Macro and Finance Society on 1st - 3rd September 2021 and will be held online.

Event Date: Wednesday 1st September 2021 - Friday 3rd September 2021




Financial Economics

Theme: none

The Global Economic Consequences of COVID-19: A Multi-Country Analysis

Dr. Kamiar Mohaddes was a panellists at the World Council of Credit Union's Global Financial Symposium on the The Economic Impacts of Covid-19 on Credit Unions. Dr Kamiar Mohaddes presented his recent study entitled "A Counterfactual Economic Analysis of COVID-19 Using a Threshold Augmented Multi-Country Model" (joint with Alexander Chudik, M. Hashem Pesaran, Mehdi Raissi, and Alessandro Rebucci).

Published on: Thursday 26th November 2020



Global Economy

Financial Economics

The (Political and Financial) Economics of Transformational Technology

Bill Janeway will give a talk on "The (Political and Financial) Economics of Transformational Technology" at Wolfson College, Cambridge, on Wednesday 5th June 2019, from 6.00pm - 7.15pm. Please book a place.

Event Date: Wednesday 5th June 2019


Political Economics

Financial Economics



J M Keynes Fellowship Fund Lectures

Professor Vasco Carvalho will give a talk on "Networked Perspectives on the Macroeconomy" as part of the J M Keynes Fellowship Fund's evening of special lectures. The event will take place on Thursday 21 February 2019, between 17.30-19.30pm, in the McCrum Lecture Theatre, Cambridge and will featuring five of the Fund's distinguished Fellows speaking about their innovative research in the field of financial economics.

Event Date: Thursday 21st February 2019





Financial Economics

Theme: transmission

Three New Postdoctoral Fellows Appointed

We are pleased to announce that Cambridge-INET has just appointed three new Postdoctoral Fellows, Soheil Mahmoodzadeh, Mikhail Safronov and Chen Wang.

Published on: Monday 23rd March 2015


Financial Economics