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Chen, J., Li, D., & Linton, O.

A new semiparameteric estimation approach for large dynamic covariance matrices with multiple conditioning variables

Journal of Econometrics


Abstract: This paper studies the estimation of large dynamic covariance matrices with multiple conditioning variables. We introduce an easy-to-implement semiparametric method to estimate each entry of the covariance matrix via model averaging marginal regression, and then apply a shrinkage technique to obtain the dynamic covariance matrix estimation. Under some regularity conditions, we derive the asymptotic properties for the proposed estimators including the uniform consistency with general convergence rates. We further consider extending our methodology to deal with the scenarios: (i) the number of conditioning variables is divergent as the sample size increases, and (ii) the large covariance matrix is conditionally sparse relative to contemporaneous market factors. We provide a simulation study that illustrates the finite-sample performance of the developed methodology. We also provide an application to financial portfolio choice from daily stock returns.

Keywords: Dynamic covariance, MAMAR, Semiparametric estimation, Sparsity, Uniform consistency

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Theme: empirical