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Adams-Prassl, A., Boneva, T., Golin, M. and Rauh, C.

The Impact of the Coronavirus Lockdown on Mental Health: Evidence from the US

WP Number: 2021

Abstract: The coronavirus outbreak has caused significant disruptions to people’s lives. We document the impact of state-wide stay-at-home orders on mental health using real time survey data in the US. The lockdown measures lowered mental health by 0.085 standard deviations. This large negative effect is entirely driven by women. As a result of the lockdown measures, the existing gender gap in mental health has increased by 66%. The negative effect on women’s mental health cannot be explained by an increase in financial worries or childcare responsibilities.

Keywords: COVID-19, Mental health, Gender, Recessions, Coronavirus

JEL Codes: I10 I14 I18 I30

Author links: Christopher Rauh  

PDF: wp2021.pdf

Open Access Link: 10.17863/CAM.57997

Theme: transmission