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The Cambridge-INET Institute - continuing as the Janeway Institute


Cambridge-INET Conversations in Economics


The Cambridge-INET Conversations in Economics interview series aims to provide the public with access to new research on the forefront of economics. Drawing on our fantastic schedule of visitors, the series connects the public to their cutting edge research by providing a platform for our visitors and researchers to present their research in an accessible and topical way.

Prof. Coen Teulings, three videos on "Low Interest Rates and the Introduction of the Pill"

Video 1: Interest rates and the pill

Video 2: Three solutions to the savings glut

Video 3: Savings glut and Stability Pact

Coen Teulings - Secular Stagnation

Jean-Marc Robin - Job Search Theory

Paul Ormerod - Using Networks to Revolutionise Economic Theory and Policy

David Easley - Rationality, Learning and Market Selection

Maureen O'Hara - High Frequency Trading and Finance

Matthew O. Jackson - Research Directions: Networks and their Roles in Economics

Duncan Watts - Social Science, Small worlds and Big Data

Shachar Kariv: Confronting theory with experimental data and vice versa

Stephen Morris: What do you Believe Others Believe? Mechanism Design, Contagion, and the Crisis

Larry Samuelson: Beyond the Standard Model in Economic Behaviour

Accessing the Series


Interviews prepared and conducted by Prof. Sanjeev Goyal, Diego Cerdeiro and Vessela Daskalova.

Production by University of Cambridge Office of External Affairs and Communications.

Concept by Dr. James Allen-Robertson